As a Foundation or Trust


Embark on a transformative partnership with WellBoring, championing access to safe drinking water in rural sub-Saharan Africa since 2011, having already touched 250,000 lives with a vision to reach a million people. We deploy strategic, cost-effective initiatives, drilling and rehabilitating wells primarily in primary schools. Through this focused approach, WellBoring directly enhances the lives of children and communities, improving health, supporting education, and fostering long-term development.

For foundations dedicated to health, poverty alleviation, education, equality, and sustainability, WellBoring is your strategic ally. We meticulously select projects, aligning with your goals while embodying sustainabilityand efficiency at every step. We respect and mirror your high standards by demonstrating unparalleled efficiency and transparency, ensuring that your funds directly facilitate projects on the ground.

Whether your foundation or trust is domestic or international, our international presence in different countries ensures localized legal and tax compliance without compromising the impact of your contributions. For internationally-present foundations, partnering with WellBoring simplifies your philanthropic efforts. With entities in the UK, US, Germany, West Africa, and Kenya, we offer a seamless, legally-compliant partnership experience – with a single partner committed to uniform excellence and impact, effectively utilizing your funds.

Share your goals with us. Let’s explore how a partnership with WellBoring can amplify your foundational objectives in health, education, gender equality and empowerment. For a detailed understanding and personalized discussion on partnership opportunities, our qualified representatives are ready to engage with you.

Take a step with WellBoring today and be architects of a sustainable, water-secure future for all in rural sub-Saharan Africa!

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