Our Mission and Vision

A young boy in Homa Bay, Kenya, fetches water from a stagnant pond, a common yet unsafe source of water for many rural families.
Discover the essence of WellBoring: every drop counts. Our mission, rooted in co-development, targets sustainable access to safe water in rural sub-Saharan Africa, transforming lives one community at a time. Since 2011, we've impacted over 250,000 lives, aiming for a million this decade. With your engagement, we're turning the dream of safe water into reality, nurturing healthier, empowered futures. Explore our detailed vision and mission page to learn more, and take a step towards ending water poverty in sub-Saharan Africa.
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Our History and Learnings

The concrete foundation of a handpump well at a primary school, etched with 'WellBoring Groundwater' to signify the provider of this essential water source.
Embark on a transformative journey with WellBoring, from a modest idea in Kenya to a burgeoning water charity impacting lives across Africa. Witness how a single borehole sparked a movement, growing through partnerships, community engagements, and the unyielding spirit of co-development. From overcoming drilling adversities to forming profound alliances, every step carved the path towards a singular goal: safe water for all. Are you ready for a story that's anything but boring?
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Team and Organization

Members of WellBoring and Rotary International engaged in a strategic workshop in Kenya, focused on providing safe water to communities.
Explore the heartbeat of WellBoring: a compact, passionate team championing a vast mission. Our success is rooted in international collaboration and profound African partnerships fostered by our dedicated leaders. Each member contributes uniquely towards our vision to end water poverty. Dive into our team area to discover the people and passion driving change, one well at a time.
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Funders, Partners and Friends

A Colgate-sponsored mural on a Kenyan school wall illustrates oral hygiene in the educational primary school setting. As a CSR-partnership Colgate sponsors Safe Water Access fulfilled by WellBoring in rural Kenya.
Join us in appreciating our generous partners like Colgate, BADEA, and Rotary, whose support amplifies our mission. Dive deeper to explore our cherished alliances, and see how together we're drilling wells, changing lives, and forging a future where water flows abundantly for all. Our ‘anti-drill-and-walk-away’ alliance is a testament to enduring partnerships. Click to unveil the collaborative spirit that fuels WellBoring's impactful journey. Your chance to be part of this alliance awaits!
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News and Stories

A young person vigorously operates a hand pump, joyously drawing clean water, a testament to WellBoring's sustainable impact.
Plunge into the dynamic world of WellBoring's 'Water Channel' blog! Discover unfiltered, raw stories from the field, where the reality of water challenges comes to life. Dive into honest, sometimes boldly critical opinions, and stay updated with our vibrant event calendar. Here, every voice makes waves. Join us, engage, let's go beyond just delivering safe water — let's change lives and empower communities across sub-Saharan Africa.
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