Local residents gather around a WellBoring hand-pump well in a rural African setting, drawing clean water for their daily needs.

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Explore our journey on this interactive map, where each pin marks a step towards our ambitious goal: Water for a Million People. Our journey began with the vision of Water for 100 Schools, a mission that not only defined our purpose but also energized our team and captivated our supporters. Now, we strive to impact a million lives. We’re about a third of the way there.

We’ve brought safe water to over 370 school-communities (October 2023), encompassing new wells and rehabilitations, and growing weekly. Our approach is rooted in mutual respect and collaboration. We listen intently to the communities we serve, valuing their desires and emphasizing their responsibilities. This adult-to-adult engagement isn’t just effective; it’s appealing to our supporters, drawing in more allies to our cause. As you navigate this map, each location symbolizes not just a well, but a community where health, safety, and hope flow freely. Yet, our mission continues. Join us in this transformative journey, one well, one community at a time.

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  • Diseases will be reduced
  • Children learn safely and well
  • Girls have opportunities
  • Women are empowered
  • Families are healthy and survive
  • Reduced carbon emissions
  • Hunger and poverty alleviated
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