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WellBoring's drilling team works at a Kenyan primary school, observed by three community members, symbolizing progress towards secure water access.
Did you know that with only £7.3, you can change the life of a schoolchild, and with £220, you can impact an entire class? But here's the thing - every penny you give will give the gift of safe water. We are deeply grateful that you choose to share the future and life. How much? How often? Whether in memory of someone or as a joyous surprise - the choice is yours. With just a few clicks in our secure and user-friendly online donation form, you bestow hope and life. Be the change, be WellBoring.
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Schools deep in need

Children gather around a wellboring water pump at a school, a symbol of positive change and assistance for schools in critical need.
Dive Deeper into Dire Needs! Discover heart-wrenching stories of schools battling extreme water crises in sub-Saharan zones. From staggering absenteeism to perilous water quests and the alarming spread of diseases – these aren't just statistics, they're real lives. Get an in-depth look at projects. Connect directly, learn their tales, and be the beacon of hope they're waiting for. Today. Stand with us; be their voice. Explore now!
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Leave a Legacy

Chris Dann of WellBoring, responsible for legacy donations, events, and member relations, stands poised in a school setting, symbolizing commitment to sustainable development.
Imagine a world where every child in rural Africa has safe water and a brighter future. This is the heart of WellBoring's mission. 100% of your legacy directly transforms lives in Sub-Saharan Africa. But why leave a legacy? Dive into our section. Your legacy isn't just about funding wells; it's about fueling education, health, and hope for generations. Why wait? Let your legacy ripple through generations with WellBoring!
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As a Company and NGO

Philippe Grohe engaged in a meaningful dialogue at a model school, exemplifying the growth and tangible ESG impact made possible through WellBoring.
Forge a vibrant ESG/CSR partnership with WellBoring! We ensure transparent impact in safe water projects. With our lean structure, in-house drilling team, and commitment to the SDGs, we provide a platform for your company to enact tangible, sustainable community changes, aligning with global efforts in water security, education, health, gender equality and more. Dive in, explore best practices, and craft your fellow footprint of enduring, positive impact with us today!
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As a Foundation or Trust

Our robust initiatives significantly boost health, education, and quality of life since 2011 in rural sub-Saharan regions. As a trust or foundation, your partnership is crucial. Together, we can strategically address water poverty and foster impactful transformation saving lives, building futures. With dedicated operations in the USA, Germany, West Africa, and Kenya we can offer also international trusts and foundations a compliant, tax-efficient partnership opportunity. Give the gift of safe water.
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As a Government

Nigel Linacre, dedicated to fostering government partnerships, operates a newly installed hand pump at an African primary school.
WellBoring extends a hand of collaboration to ensure citizens enjoys access to safe water. Your endorsement will magnify our reach and deepen impact in health, education, and community empowerment. This partnership promises not just wells, but a wellspring of opportunity for y/our children and future generations. Seize this chance to engrave a legacy of change and prosperity!
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As a Volunteer

A group of volunteers at WellBoring interact with children during an educational session at a Kenyan primary school.
Unleash positive waves of change with the WellBoring team! Together, we strive to end water poverty in rural Africa by providing sustainable access to safe drinking water for primary schools and communities. Every drop counts, and so does every helping hand. Dive into a transformative experience and help turn the vision of water security into reality for thousands. Your skills and enthusiasm will make a life-changing impact. Be part of this empowering journey — Be WellBoring. Volunteer today!
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Help in Fundraising

Join the WellBoring team and be a change-maker! Together, we strive to end water poverty in rural Africa by providing sustainable access to safe drinking water for primary schools and communities. Every drop counts, and so does every helping hand. Launch transformative fundraising campaigns like ‘Water-Thon’ at your workplace, organize a ‘Charity Auction’, or celebrate birthdays with purpose. Your skills and enthusiasm can make a life-changing impact. Dive deep into impact with WellBoring & become a WaterHero at home or in your organization!
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As a Media Platform and Influencer

An inspiring figure engaged in conversation, representing WellBoring's commitment to media outreach for global water solutions.
Media advocates, your platform can amplify impact! WellBoring is on a mission to secure safe water for sub-Saharan primary schools and communities, uplifting lives through health, education, and empowerment. Illuminate our stories of transformation, resilience, and hope, playing a pivotal role in mobilizing resources and awareness. Be the voice that echoes change; spotlight our ground-breaking initiatives and join us in turning tides against water scarcity! Connect now. Broadcast a wave of sustainable change!
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