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Be part of the solution to Africa’s dirty water problem

Philippe Grohe engaged in a meaningful dialogue at a model school, exemplifying the growth and tangible ESG impact made possible through WellBoring.

Navigating corporate citizenship and nonprofit collaborations, firms often wonder: Where’s our impact? Who can we trust? How do we ensure sustainability and ongoing project maintenance? Are our communications authentic?

WellBoring provides safe water since 2011 for sub-Saharan Africa, impacting over 250,000 lives. Safe water reshapes futures and guarantees long-lasting, transformative change. Our sustainable concept is to build new wells at primary schools and to rehabilitate abandoned wells in your name.

Why Choose WellBoring for CSR partnerships?

  • Direct Impact: From fresh wells to restored ones, your support brings palpable ESG shifts in communities, cascading health and prosperity.
  • Trust & Clarity: Our hands-on approach, minimal overheads, and consistent reporting ensure every cent counts.
  • Community Engagement: Our co-development approach enhances efficiency by engaging communities boosting awareness, sustainability, and impact.
  • Dedicated Upkeep: We commit to regular well checks, maintaining quality and functionality.
  • Communication Connect: Our on-ground presence facilitates a close bond with beneficiaries and enriches your impact narratives. Our Donor Information Package fosters your impact communication.

Our collaboration and your investment guarantees impactful strides toward global sustainability targets.

Your E-Social-G Influence via WellBoring: The easiest way to make the biggest difference to the poorest people in the world!

  • Water Access (SDG 6): Prioritizing the most vulnerable in Sub-Saharan/East West Africa.
  • Health (SDG 3): Counteracting waterborne diseases and safeguarding youth.
  • Education (SDG 4): Wells in schools, enhancing attendance and learning.
  • Empowerment (SDG 5): Strengthening women and the differently-abled’s roles.
  • Economic Growth (SDG 1): Supporting schools, fostering agriculture and income.
  • Addressing Hunger (SDG 2): Enabling school gardens through consistent water supply.
  • Climate Consciousness (SDG 13): negating wood-burning purification minimizes greenhouse gas (ghg).
  • Partnerships (SDG 17): Amplifying global collaboration, including ties with Kenyan NGOs.

Partnering Beyond Borders: Many corporate supporters, organizational donors and NGOs find a trusted ally in us, for we reliably execute their corporate citizenship efforts with safe water projects in Sub-Saharan Africa. Collaborating with WellBoring means sidestepping typical CSR pitfalls, ensuring your funds are not just utilized but invested for maximized for genuine, lasting impact.

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