Safe water + health + education for rural Africa

Hopeful eyes of children at a rural African school, where the provision of safe water is transforming their educational and health prospects.
Ground water sustains half of households worldwide, yet much of sub-Saharan Africa awaits its benefits. Why deep wells in schools? See the change they drive, from education to gender equality and economic upliftment. Feel the impact of your donation. Your generosity sparks undeniable change. Safe water at schools cuts disease rates, empowers women, and enables development. It also reduces the need to boil dirty water, and fewer fires means lower carbon emissions.
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Truly make a difference by efficiency and effectivity

A WellBoring Groundwater worker, covered in mud, stands beside a drilling rig, a sign of successful water finding during a well-drilling operation.
Dive into the nuances of well boring and well building. Hand pumps offer durability and easy maintenance. For specialized needs, we leverage combined solar and electric pumps. Our blend of technology and community involvement boosts well efficiency, all within a competitive budget. Our journey involves precise site selection, community empowerment, hygiene training and ongoing support and anually well service visits to ensure consistent water flow. Experience the WellBoring difference.
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Understand the water crisis. Value your impact.

A young boy in Homa Bay, Kenya, fetches water from a stagnant pond, a common yet unsafe source of water for many rural families.
Did you realize that hundreds of millions of people lack safe water, with Sub-Saharan Africa at the heart of this dilemma? The water problem isn't just about thirst; it's about health, dignity, and the very essence of life and carries heavy implications. Sub-Saharan Africa's struggles extend from health to education. Uncover the statistics, consequences, and the intricacies of both urban and rural challenges. Dive in, expand your understanding, and discover your role in this global challenge.
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Discover y/our safe water wells

A WellBoring Groundwater technician carefully oversees the alignment of a drilling rig, ensuring the precision necessary for successful well construction.
Pinpoint the wells we've installed in Kenya, The Gambia, and Ghana. See our safe water solutions from satellite perspectives, directly where schools and communities are thriving thanks to your support. Curious about where the next well could be? Find out, and consider how you can help set the course for future projects.
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