A Glimpse into the Daily Challenges

In the heart of Homa Bay County, Kenya, lies Kodida primary school that not only serves as an educational institution but also as a beacon of hope and resilience in the face of daunting challenges. With a total of 446 pupils, this school encapsulates the trials and triumphs of rural education in Kenya. During our last Kenya visit we had the chance to witness the daily struggles. Through an exclusive interview with the school’s head teacher and key staff, we delve into the issues that the school grapples with, from water scarcity and sanitation to infrastructure and gender-specific needs.

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The Plight of Water Scarcity and Sanitation

A Stark Reality: The school, comprising 194 girls and 150 boys across grades 1 to 8, faces a severe water crisis. Pupils, particularly girls, trek approximately three kilometers to fetch water from a swamp, which is the only available source. The water, primarily stagnant and unsafe, poses health risks, yet remains indispensable for the school’s daily operations.

Sanitation Woes: The school is burdened with inadequate sanitation facilities. Only two latrines are available for the entire student population. Teachers and pupils share these scarce amenities, further compounding hygiene concerns.

The Struggle Beyond Water

Infrastructure Challenges: Some classes are still conducted under trees and within dilapidated structures, adversely affecting the learning environment and pupils’ performance.

Gender-Specific Challenges: The lack of proper facilities and sanitary products for girls during their menstrual cycles is a major concern. The school provides some support, but resources are limited.

Community Engagement and Solutions

Involving the Community: To address the water issue, the school engages with the local community, proposing a small monthly contribution from each member for the maintenance and sustainability of any potential water project.

Efforts for Improvement: The school has received some assistance, such as a tank from ActionAid Kenya, but the capacity remains insufficient against the needs of 446 pupils.

The Broader Impact

Health Risks: Limited water and poor sanitation raise health concerns like bilharzia and cholera in the region. The school takes proactive steps in managing health emergencies and educating about hygiene practices.

Education Quality: The head teacher underscores that improved water access and better facilities would not only enhance health but also boost academic performance.

A Community’s Hope: Covering about 150 households in the surrounding area, the school’s struggle reflects a larger community issue. The construction of water collection points, even those intended for construction purposes, has become a crucial community resource.


Kodida primary school in Homa Bay County stands as a testament to the enduring spirit of a community facing hardship. The challenges of water scarcity, inadequate sanitation, infrastructure needs, and gender-specific issues paint a picture of resilience and determination. The school’s story is not just about the struggles but also about hope, community effort, and the relentless pursuit of a better future for its pupils. The efforts here highlight the critical need for more support, awareness, and action from both local and global communities.

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