Registered charity number 1142295


WellBoring is a volunteer-run charity which alleviates poverty and improves school attendance by enabling schools and communities in developing countries to access water.

We fund and organise the drilling of water boreholes, and the installation of pumps, pipes, and supporting infrastructure.

Our key values include responsibility, connection and volunteering: we’re responsible to our fellow men, women and children because we can respond; we are connected to one another; and it is up to us to volunteer ourselves. There is no-one else.

Working with leaders of local schools and communities, WellBoring’s activities include identifying potential sites, assessing the sustainability, stewardship and community impact, commissioning hydro-geological surveys, obtaining the equipment, managing the installation, training in maintenance, and raising funds for all the above.

And we also stay in touch with the schools and communities to ensure continued operation and sustainable development.

WellBoring is a Charity registered in England and Wales (number 1142295) founded in 2011.