Ralang Primary School


  • Pupils (total): 567
  • Primary Girls: 255
  • Primary Boys: 249
  • Early Childhood Development: 63
  • Teachers: 14

✨Immense gratitude to all Wavemakers for your extraordinary efforts – Mission successfully accomplished! ✨

Ralang’ Primary School urgently requires your support amidst a critical water crisis affecting its 567 students. The sole water source, a contaminated pond 3km away, leads to frequent diseases including Typhoid and Malaria, impacting 45.86% of students last term. This health risk, combined with the time spent fetching water, contributes to increased absenteeism and lower academic performance (average score: 247/500). Your generous donation supports the establishment of a borehole, ensuring access to clean water, reducing illness, and promoting education for each child. A dedicated Water Committee will manage borehole maintenance, providing long-term community benefits. Stand with Ralang— your support can change lives and brighten futures.    

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MAIL: info@wellboring.org

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