Our Attitude: Dedication + Transparency + 100 % For Africa


Our team, fuelled by passion and altruism, is dedicated to transforming millions of lives with your support. Our charitable foundations in the UK, USA, and Germany are almost all volunteers, so that over 90% of your generous contributions directly support safe water projects in Africa. The dedicated drilling teams and supporting personnel—whether on-site or working behind the scenes—receive customary compensation for the project fulfilment. All this not only amplifies the impact of your donation, but also preserves our independence so that we can focus on what really matters: helping to solve scarcity making lives worth living.

Interested in joining the WellBoring mission? We eagerly await passionate individuals like you to enrich our volunteer team!

Volunteer interacts with a group of children inside a bright room at Ahero Resource Center, a place of joy and learning, as one child lies on the floor playing with a ball, embodying the innocence and playfulness of childhood.
A leadership coach addresses an attentive audience of women and girls outdoors at a WellBoring event, set against the backdrop of a school building, underscoring WellBoring's commitment to women's empowerment and community development.


We work hard to build partnerships across delivery programs. You will be able to see the results at individual schools, talking with Head Teachers and if you like, visiting in person and seeing for yourself. We facilitate partner visits via our WellBoring Weeks.

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Witnessing Africa is transformative. Imagine children in the countryside, their tiny hands scooping water from murky ponds, leading to severe diarrhoea. It’s heart-wrenching to hear about a cholera outbreak that claims many lives. Yet, when you look deeper, you see a resilient spirit, especially in the hopeful, strong eyes of the locals. 

Our journey is woven with stories of personal ties across countries like Kenya, Malawi, Uganda and in The Gambia. It’s these bonds, these strong relationships that give us confidence and independence and motivate our operations there. By joining our cause and with every well we bore, you help paint a brighter future for East-West-Africa, a region rich in beauty, spirit, and wonderful people.

A man in a green shirt carries yellow jerry cans filled with water, walking through a makeshift urban setting, highlighting the daily challenge of accessing safe drinking water in underprivileged areas.