Kodida Primary School


  • Pupils (total): 409
  • Primary Girls: 162
  • Primary Boys: 145
  • Early Childhood Development: 102
  • Teachers: 9+3
✨Immense gratitude to all Wavemakers for your extraordinary efforts – Mission successfully accomplished! ✨

Kodida Crisis: 409 Pupils, 162 Girls Risking Health & Education for 3km Treks to Unsafe Water.

At Kodida Primary School, a stark water crisis affects its 409 pupils, aged 3 – 13, and their teachers, grappling with dire facility shortages. Every day, some 38% of the students, who are exclusively girls, undertake a 3-kilometer journey to fetch dirty water from a pond, sacrificing precious educational time. These efforts are just to meet basic needs: drinking, sanitation, and minimal menstrual hygiene.The situation is critical: with only two latrines shared among the 409 pupils and staff, plus a single rain-dependent water tank, the school’s daily functioning is severely hampered. This scarcity compromises education and exposes these young learners to health risks from waterborne diseases.
The plight of the 162 girl students is particularly acute. Lacking essential menstrual hygiene facilities, they’re frequently absent from school, despite efforts by the Headteacher to mitigate their challenges. Furthermore, outdoor classrooms under trees aggravate the already harsh learning environment. The project, crucial for improving health, dignity, and education, especially for these girls, also aims to aid around 900 individuals in 150 nearby homes, predominantly the most vulnerable. Drilling a well at Kodida primary school symbolizes hope and is essential for empowerment and fostering future leaders. Your support is more than aid; it’s a transformative investment in Kodida’s community.

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