Oyombe Primary School


  • Pupils (total): 702
  • Primary Girls: 362
  • Primary Boys: 340
  • Teachers:  6 Male/ 10 Female:
✨Immense gratitude to all Wavemakers for your extraordinary efforts – Mission successfully accomplished! ✨

Critical Water Crisis at Oyombe Primary: A Call for Urgent Support

Oyombe Primary School, serving a community in Homabay County, Kenya, urgently needs your help. With 702 pupils (362 girls and 340 boys) who travel up to 5 km, the school faces a severe water crisis. Students are compelled to bring water from contaminated earth ponds and seasonal rivers, exposing them to diseases like Typhoid, Amoeba, Dysentery, and Malaria. This has led to an absenteeism rate of about 16%. The average academic score, significantly impacted by these challenging conditions, is only 246.76 out of 500, which is well below the typical standard for academic achievement. Your donation can fund a borehole, ensuring clean water, reducing illness, and improving education. A Water Committee will ensure sustainable management, benefiting both the school and the local community of about 300 homes. Join us in changing lives at Oyombe Primary.

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